Thursday, 8 September 2016

Are you going to SQL Saturday Denmark? #SQLSaturdayDenmark

Are you going to SQL Saturday Denmark, which is running on Saturday 17th September? If you are David Postlethwaite or @postledm  if you follow him on twitter and a frequent contributor to this blog is delivering his talk on kerberos. David's talk is called

"Taming the Beast – How a SQL DBA can keep Kerberos under control"
David's abstract for this talk goes something like this

"The word Kerberos can strike fear into a SQL DBA as well as many Windows Server Administrators. 
What should be a straight forward and simple process can lead to all sorts of issues and trying to resolve them can turn into a nightmare.
This talk looks at the principle of Kerberos, how it applies to SQL Server and what we need to do ensure it works."

If you want to learn more about kerberos and David's session visit the SQL Saturday Denmark website.

David Delivering his Azure talk at SQL Saturday Iceland
I have heard this talk a few times and its really good. If you want to go and learn about kerberos and the doubt-hop issue then call in and see David in action. He is schedule to deliver in room 5 between 4pm and 5pm on Saturday 17th September. Hopefully David will see you there.

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