Monday, 12 September 2016

Never miss a Great Value IT Training Deal Again

As regular readers of the blog will be aware, over the summer of 2016 here at we have teamed up with LearningTree to offer some great value IT Training courses at some amazing prices.

The Great Value IT Training offer has gone down really well with some clients and customers. The one thing that has struck me since we started the offer is that sometimes people can and have missed out on a deal on a particular course because they haven’t seen or missed a post. So I have decided to set up and email newsletter, whereby I can deliver the offers to you weekly in the form of email. Then if you want to book onto the course you can simply reply to the email and we can get your course booked for you

The courses offered up on the deal change on a week by week basis. So the email will be sent weekly. If you would like to receive email you the new offers as I receive them, please sign up using the form below. There are other sign in forms on the Great Value IT Training page the Newsletter page too

We all know the benefits of have well trained knowledgeable staff including

  • Increased contribution to the team
  • Can play a factor in promotion and career development
  • Can help retain good employees
  • Can help improve staff motivation

Why not get all the benefits of well training staff and extremely reasonable price?

Great Value IT Training will help develop your staff

Turn you cygnets into swans and sign up for the weekly email

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