Friday, 23 September 2016

TGI SQL Friday: Weekly Roundup 23rd September

Its been another Learning Tree week for me this week and a very interesting one at that. I'm on the Learning Tree IAT...IAT stands for Instructor Advisory Team, the team consists of Learning Tree instructors and Learning Tree senior management  and its purpose is to come up with ideas and suggestions to improve how Learning Tree does things and how it does business. A number of great ideas have come out of this so far and the meeting on Monday was also a very productive meeting with further ideas shared, watch this space to see as these ideas get implemented.

I have also been teaching an onsite for a client in Warwick, a rather pleasant part of the world. I was teaching the 534 Developing SQL Queries for SQL Server

534 Developing SQL Queries
This is one of my favourite courses and the class this week has been great, lots of great questions and a really great students.

What I've been reading this week. Well we've had a few posts this week show casing David postlethwaite's work including

SQL Server 

How to setup Kerberos correctly has David's talk Taming the Beast: Kerberos for the SQL DBA

David has also produced an ebook/white paper that is still in draft form about setting up an Oracle/Linux virtual machine on Hyper-V David would appreciate some feedback on this paper. You can follow the link to download

SQL Server Management Studio 16.4 has been released

Power BI for Data Modelling by Adam Aspin

SQL Server Career: Gaining Experience By Gethyn Ellis (Learning Tree Newsletter)


Analyzing Stack Overflow questions and tags with the StackLite dataset By Marco Pasin

Forecasting Opportunities By quintuitive

Presidential Election Predictions 2016 (an ASA competition) By Jo Hardin


Backlog Refinement Takes you From Vision to Value  by Ellen Gottesdiener and Jeff Sutherland


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