Friday, 9 September 2016

TGI SQL Friday - Weekly Roundup 9th September 2016

Welcome to the TGI SQL Friday for the 9th September 2016. Here you will find the links of the posts and articles that  I have been reading this week.

On the work front I have been busy, teaching a two day SSIS  customised course onsite with a client on Monday and Tuesday.

SSIS Classroom
SSIS Customised Course Setup

On Wednesday I delivered a one-day class for another client in Cardiff. Check out the Great Value IT Training page for this week's latest offers.

SQL Server

SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries for September 2016 - By Glenn Berry

Released: Public Preview for System Center Management Packs for SQL Server and Dashboards - By SQL Server Engineering Team

JSON is Generally available in Azure SQL Database - By  Jovan Popovic

Disable SQL Server Triggers with PowerShell - By Tim Smith

New Drop If Exists Syntax in SQL Server 2016 - by John Miner



Apple launched the iPhone 7 this week. The major news is there is no traditional headphone socket. If you want to continue to use traditional headphones you can use the lightning connector ...Which will require an adapter, or you can use wireless ear phones. Apple also announced its own range of the these called Airpods. The reaction of the people I have spoken to about the new iPhone suggests a mixed response. Numerous people have complained to me about the lack of 3.5mm headphone jack. With iPhone sales already in decline it will be interesting to see if this helps buck that trends or increases the decline?

If you have a SQL Server problem, check out our SQL Server Consulting page to see if we can help.

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