Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Top 5 Books for Database Developers

My Top 5 series of books has proved very popular. The first post  titled Top 5 books for Enterprise Architecture was the blogs most popular post in August. My post last week about my  Top 5 SQL Server Books for the DBA has also been well received. This week's post is the Top 5 Books for the Database Developer, again these are the books on my physical and virtual bookshelf.

TSQL Querying - By Itzik Ben-Gan Et al
TSQL Fundamentals - By Itzik Ben-Gan
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 High Performance T-SQL Using Window Functions - By Itzik Ben-Gan
SQL Server 2012 TSQL Recipes - By Jason Brimhall and Wayne Sheffield
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internals - Karen Delaney and Bob Beauchemin
Windowing Functions
Windowing Functions

You might see an pattern developing with the author of some of these books Itzik's books are very good you can't help but learn a lot from them. The other two are really useful too

Update 13th September 2016

Thanks to Steve Hindmarsh for his comments. Steve recommends the following books. I have read the Antipatterns book a while ago...although i don't still have a copy. It is a good book.

SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming by Bill Karwin

Steve also recommended the following

Defensive Database Programming - By Alex Kuznetsov.

I have read this book too. You can get a printed copy from amazon by following the link. You can however get the ebook in pdf format free from sqlservercentral.com its well worth a read


  1. Maybe not so well known as the classic books listd above - but I would highly recommend 'SQL Antipatterns' by Bill Karwin, and 'Defensive Database Programming with SQLL Server' by Alex Kuznetsov. Both highly recommended...

  2. Thanks for the comment Steve, I have read both of this and I think both are worth a mention so I have updated the post to include them.

  3. Thanks Gethyn. I think it is great to see my book on this list.

  4. oh and BTW, it would be good to list Wayne Sheffield as the co-author of the recipes book.


  5. Thanks Jason I have added Wayne as an author too. Should I add anyone else?


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