Monday, 12 November 2018

A New Video - Create a DB Executor Role

A long long time ago, I wrote a blog post showing how to create db_executor role in SQL Server. There is a reader and a writer role but no execute role. So if you wanted a role that allowed you grant execute to all stored procedures and functions in a SQL Server database, you need to create a user-defined role

That blog post is the most read post on my blog even if it is nearly nine years old. So I decided to make a YouTube video from it

I won't re-post the original blog, I'll leave that back in 2010 but I have updated the old blog post to include the video and you can also watch the video here too.


  1. are you sure that grant works? it missed "objects" which you need to grant to.

  2. It works for me...The GRANT is at the database level so it gives permission at the database level not the object level. Its worked for me for years. You get the code from the old post


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