Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Free Webinar: Driven by the 9s

Driven by the 9s - A free Webinar to help you learn how to combine SQL availability features to deliver a highly available Microsoft Data Platform

Microsoft’s data platform and SQL Server comes with a plethora of High Availability features. Some of these features can work hand-in glove with each other to allow you to configure your SQL Servers to be both Highly-Available and recoverable in the event of the worst happening, but it’s not always obvious how to achieve the right balance.

If you are driven by the '9s'...have strict SLAs... and up time is key to you and your business, then...Combining SQL Server’s high availability features is something you should consider.

In this free webinar we will look at how we can combine SQL Server Availability Groups and SQL Server Failover cluster instances to keep our servers both highly available and maintain a secondary copy of your important databases at a disaster recovery site whilst considering the cost equation too.

The session is scheduled on the 28th June at 13:00 UK Time.

You can register for the session here

If you register and find you can’t make the seminar, don’t worry we’ll make a recording of the webinar and make this available to you after the event.

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