Friday, 10 December 2010


This is just a short post for a Friday. This is my list of the Top 3 SQL Server books from the year[ish]:

Granted some of these book were published earlier than 2010 but not by much and these have been what I have been reading this year.

If you have a list of good books let us all know about them in the comments


  1. I have read these too. All excellent books that pay for themselves a ridiculous number of times over through the value you get out of them.

    I also enjoyed reading DBA Survivor from Thom La Rock, perfect for the Kindle I might add.

  2. Gethyn,

    Nice blog! Got to your blog through SQLServerPedia.

    Managers should by these for their employees! Like what John said, they pay for themselves.


  3. John, Thanks for the comment, its always good to know what others are reading. I haven't read Thomas La Rock's book but I have heard good things about it. Maybe one to pick up in the future.

  4. Marlon, Thanks for stopping by and thanks for making a comment. I'm pleased you like the books to they do pay for themselves.


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