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About Gethyn Ellis

Gethyn Ellis is the lead consultant with

Gethyn is an experienced and successful SQL Server Consultant, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Author. He has a wealth of technical and business skills acquired in demanding assignments in the UK's public and private sectors along with clients based in the USA and Canada.

Gethyn has been working with SQL Server since version 7 and has worked with SQL Server on every version since through to SQL Server 2014.
Gethyn’s SQL Server skills include
• Disaster Recovery
• High Availability -Clustering/Mirroring/AlwaysOn Availability Groups
• Performance Tuning
• Virtualisation
• Reporting Services
• Integration Services

About David Postlethwaite

David is a Database Administrator for Liverpool Victoria, one of the UK’s largest insurance companies with over five million customers.
He is the Senior SQL Server DBA supporting over 200 SQL Server instances, 2012, 2008, 2005 and 2000 on multiple servers over several sites using NetApp filers.
This includes installing, configuring, managing and tuning DBMS, SSRS, SSIS and SSAS systems.
He is also an Oracle DBA supporting over 100 instances using OEM 12c

Previous to becoming a DBA David was a developer using .NET, c# and, t-sql, Access, and FoxPro.
He has written a number of applications in c# to support his DBA role

David has spoken at several SQL Saturday events and has four talks available
A real DBA don’t need a GUI - A Guided Tour of SQL Server Management Studio 
Beware of the Dark Side - A Guided Tour of Oracle for the SQL Server DBA 
Taming the Beast - Kerberos for the SQL Server DBA 
Putting Your Head in the Clouds - A Beginner's Guide to SQL Azure

About Sabrina McFarlane 

Operations Manager of
Sabrina is a successful business manager, who has an extensive background in senior management roles in specialist settings. Sabrina executes excellent leadership skills when planning, implementing and reviewing procedures, recruitment, training and business plans. With over ten year’s experience working for the NHS and in the private sector, Sabrina strives to implement best practice every day.

Being transparent allows Sabrina to set realistic goals and time frames and aim to exceed business expectations. With experience in mentoring, training and leading teams; providing the best in quality training and practice is Sabrina’s passion. In 2016 Sabrina was a successful finalist when nominated for a Staffordshire Dignity Award in the Outstanding example category.

About Chris Gibson

Chris is an Infrastructure Analyst working for a financial services company, based on the south coast of the England.  He specialises in Microsoft technologies such as Hyper-V, System Centre and PowerShell.  His interests including Automation, Containers and DevOps.

Popular posts from this blog

SQL Server 2012 and Virtual Service Accounts

This post is written by David Postlethwaite
If you are using SQL Server 2012 you will probably have noticed that the default account for the SQL services has changed from that used in previous versions. With SQL 2005 and 2008 the default account for SQL service and SQL Agent service was “NT Authority\System”. This is one the built in accounts on a Windows machine, managed by the machine and selectable from a dedicated dropdown list

The Network Service account was introduced in Windows 2003 as an alternative to using the LocalSystem account, which has full local system privileges on the local machine, a major security concern.
The Network Service has limited local privileges easing these security concerns but when many services on a machine use the Network Service account it becomes harder to track which service is actually accessing resources and performing actions, because all the services are using the one Network Service account.
Also, this account, by default, has sysadmin per…

Always Encrypted

By David Postlethwaite

Always Encrypted is new features in SQL Server 2016 and it is also available in Azure SQL Database. Here you can encrypt columns in a table with a master key and a certificate so that they will appear as encrypted strings to those who don’t have the required certificate installed on their pc.
Once the certificate is installed on the computer then the unencrypted data can then be seen as normal.

The data passes from database to your application as the encrypted value, only the application with the correct certificate can unencrypt the data so it is secure across the wire. This will go some way to resolving the concern of people worried about putting their sensitive data on a shared server in the cloud such as Microsoft Azure and accessing the data across the Internet.

At the time of writing Always Encrypted is only supported with ADO.NET 4.6, JDBC 6.0 and ODBC 13.1 but expect other driver to become available.

The calling application (including SSMS) must also hav…

How to Setup Kerberos Correctly

David was in Copenhagen this weekend delivering his Kerberos talk Taming the Beast: Kerberos for the SQL DBA to SQL Saturday Denmark. I have had a quick chat with him via email since he got back and he said he had a great time. The event was very well attended with 280+ attendees and his talk was well attended.

I think David is planning submitting a few sessions to SQL Saturday events in Europe in the next few months so look out for him there and we'll keep you posted as to his whereabouts when schedules get finalised later in the year.

David has pre-recorded his Kerberos talk. You can watch on you tube and I have also embedded it in this post if you want to see what his kerberos talk  covers...

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