SQL Server Training

SQL Server Training

Gethyn is a freelance SQL Server trainer delivering SQL Server training for Learning Tree;

He is the course author of the following Learning Tree courses:

• 2105 SQL Server® 2012: Administration Skills Upgrade
• 2109 SQL Server Virtualisation and Consolidation (Retired)

Gethyn is an instructor of the following Learning Tree courses:

• 2108 SQL Server: Database Administration: Hands-On
• 2107 SQL Server: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction
• 2109 SQL Server Virtualization and Consolidation: Hands-On (Retired but please contact me further details)
• 2105 SQL Server 2012: Administration Skills Upgrade
• 140 SQL Server Reporting Services: Hands-On
• 534 Developing SQL Queries for SQL Server
535 Developing High Performance SQL Databases
• 2111 SQL Server 2014 Performance Enhancements

You can enrol on the public schedule for these courses by following the link.

You also have the option to bring the training onsite and have a tailor made course specific to your business needs at your premises. For more information on this please contact us.

We have a back catalogue of conference talks and presentations. These are approximately hour long talks on SQL Server. You can find these on our SQL Server Presentations and Talks page.

Feel free to contact us if have any questions on your SQL Server training needs.


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